Dear Prospective Client of Team Cook, Cottage Realty,

After a job loss in September of 2009 and the inability to find a new permanent position in a timely manner our mortgage fell into delinquency. After several months past we contacted Kevin Cook of Cottage Realty, whom we had originally purchased the home from.

Kevin advised us of the possibility of selling the home as a "Short Sale" in order to avoid foreclosure. We chose to utilize the services of Cottage Realty because another key member of Team Cook, Rose Lawrence is a certified Short Sale expert and with Connie Salazar and Kevin Cook's extensive knowledge and experience in Northern Colorado, we felt they would be the best qualified realtors to handle our situation.

Team Cook set into action with an aggressive advertising campaign which quickly found an enthusiastic buyer. The Short Sale was completed in record time, approximately three months, despite the process going through a new software program utilized by Bank of America. We were able to close days before the would-be foreclosure sale, and were able to salvage our credit to some degree. It is a great relief to have the process completed and to have avoided foreclosure. We owe many thanks to Team Cook for their assistance in achieving this positive outcome and would recommend them to anyone facing foreclosure and interested in pursuing a Short Sale, or anyone who needs a quality realtor for the Northern Colorado region.