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Free Credit Repair

by Team Cook

If you have thought about buying a home in Colorado but think you might not have the best credit, we have you covered! We work directly with a company that offers FREEcredit repair - yes, totally free credit repair to help you achieve the American dream of owning your own home. 

Call us today to get started! 970-532-2695


Congratulations Kevin Cook!

by Team Cook


Loveland, Colorado - Kevin J. Cook with Team Cook at The Cottage Realty, ltd. has been awarded the National Association of REALTORS [NAR's] Green Designation, the only green real estate professional designation recognized by NAR.

Kevin achieved this prestigious designation after completing 18 hours of course work designed specifically for REALTORS. The courses were created in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of industry experts from across the country; ensuring designees gain comprehensive knowledge of green homes and buildings and issues of sustainability in relation to real estate.

More specifically, Kevin was trained in understanding what makes a property green, helping clients evaluate the cost/benefits of green building features and practices, distinguishing between industry rating and classification systems, listing and marketing green homes and buildings, discussing the financial grants and incentives available to homeowners, and helping consumers see a property's green potential.

"As energy costs rise along with concern for the environment, homeowners are looking for innovative ways to save money and live responsibly," said Dick Gaylord, NAR;s immediate past president. NAR's Green Designation was developed in response to growing consumer awareness of the benefits of resource-efficient homes and buildings. The designation helps consumers who care about energy efficiency and sustainable building practices identify REALTORS who can help them realize their green real estate and lifestyle goals.

As an NAR Green Designee, Kevin has gained the knowledge and the tools necessary to become a trusted green resource for Berthoud/Loveland. For more information about Kevin J. Cook, please visit

For more information about NAR's newest designation, visit or email

Options for homeowners in distress

by Team Cook

Homeowners whose mortgage balance exceeds the current property value know the futility of trying to get a refinance. Refinancing options for so-called "underwater" mortgages are limited because most lenders require some equity in the property - ideally about 20 percent.

However, borrowers should not give up hope. Options do exist, especially via the government's Making Home Affordable program.

One of those options is HARP. If you meet certain criteria, your underwater loan may be eligible for a refinance through the federal Home Affordable Refinance Program. The program allows qualified borrowers to refinance a loan that is from 105 percent to as high as 125 percent of a homes value.

However, not every underwater loan qualifies for HARP. First, you must not be on the road to foreclosure. Any delinquent payments in the past 12 months will automatically disqualify you from eligibility. In addition, either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac must own the loan. You can find a loan lookup tool and other calculators at the government's Making Home Affordable Web site.

Your ability to take advantage of HARP will depend on payment history and other factors including credit score, the structure of the current home financing and specific lender guidelines.

"Can it help everyone? No" Says Jason Bonarrigo, senior mortgage banker with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage of Boston. However, Bonarrigo has closed several HARP loans and says it's worth investigating eligibility.

"If refinancing through HARP can shave $300 or $400 off a monthly mortgage payment, it can sometimes make a difference between keeping and loosing a home down the road," he says.

Your second option is HAMP. If you not only have an underwater mortgage but also have missed payments, you may qualify for the federal Home Affordable Modification Program that is available through mortgage lenders.

To qualify, you must demonstrate financial hardship that puts your mortgage in imminent danger of default. The mortgage must be owned by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac or by others signed up with the U.S. Treasury to qualify for HAMP.

While the program provides government incentives (of up to $1,500) to lenders to process these modifications, the ultimate approval rests with the lender.

"HAMP is not a refinancing program - it's a change to the contract terms...but it can lower your payments for up to 60 months," says Mickael Goldstein, a bankruptcy attorney and partner at Goldstein and Clegg in Lynnfield, Mass.
Article written by Marcia Passos Duffy -




970-532-2695 OR 970-532-5900.

Did You Know???

by Team Cook

Whether you are a first-time home buyer or a longtime homeowner, you may be eligible for a tax credit on a house purchase if you meet IRS guidelines.

You may be able to deduct Private Mortgage Insurance, tax deductions for vacation homes, interest on home equity loans, tax deductions when you work from home, tax breaks on capital improvements to your home, and tax deductions for disaster-related losses.

You can earn a federal tax credit and lower your utility bills at the same time when you improve your home's energy efficiency.


Did You Know???

by Team Cook

Homes in the For Collins/Loveland market are 47 percent more affordable today than in 1995, & in Greeley, homes are 28 percent more affordable than in 1995. 

Several mortgage loan originators lost their licenses in Colorado after they failed to meet new requirements for education and testing.  The Colorado Division of Real Estate Canceled 4,560 licenses.

That ranked Colorado No. 4 among the best states for a business - this is up  from No. 6 last year.

Face Book Virus "KOOBFACE"

by Team Cook

We checked this out on and it is a true virus -

It may come across your computer as a christmas greeting. New Facebook virus- Santa Claus isComing to Facebook to Infect Your Computer With Koobface [ALERT] Santa Claus is Coming to Facebook to Infect Your Computer WithKoobface [ALERT] The worm spreads as infected users post the greetings to the walls oftheir friends, who then in turn get infected when they check out thesupposed greeting. Here’s how Panda Security describes it:"Following the posting of malicious links on Facebook() users’ walls,the bait directs to a fake embedded video player that poses as aChristmas greeting. When users try to play the video or click on alink on the page, their computers download and install a variant ofthe well-known Koobface worm, Koobface.GK.After the virus is installed on a computer, a captcha is displayedthat threatens to reboot the computer within three minutes. Although nothing happens after three minutes, the computer is rendered useless.Every time a user enters the captcha text, Koobface.GK registers a newdomain where the infection files are hosted, facilitating the worm’scontinued distribution."Panda notes that holiday-themed malware has been a trend in recentyears, with malware distributors taking advantage of user’s propensityfor sending online greetings. Add social networking to the mix and youhave a medium where such scams can spread remarkably quickly.

October 2009 DID YOU KNOW???

by Team Cook

Did you know???

  • A recent analysis of locally owned homes between 910 and 1,149 square feet appreciated 4.5 percent. Homes between 2160 and 2,874 square feet lost 5 percent of their value and homes with more than 2,875 square feet fell 10.45 percent.  


  • Jeff Thredgold, an economist for Vectra Bank Colorado. Emphatically, Thredgold said "The Great Recession' is no more. It's over, finished, kaput!"


  • Lawrence Yun, the NAR's Chief economist, said the housing market "has decisively turned for the better."


  • According to the Commerce Department, bookings for durable goods in July climbed 4.9 percent, which exceeds the forecasts as well as achieves the largest gain since July of 2007.


  • According to the American Institute of Economic Research, Fort Collins ranked among the top small college cities in the United States. In its "College Destinations Index 2009-2010," the AIER evaluated categories such as academic environment, quality of life and professional opportunities.



by Team Cook


  • Colorado ranked 11th among the 50 states and the District of Columbia in the home price appreciation during the second quarter of 2009, according the the Federal Housing Finance Agency House Price Index.  The report shows that home values in Colorado increased 0.17 percent over the first quarter.


  • The Business Week magazine survey ranked Fort Collins number 19 among the nation's strongest housing markets! The report shows that 28.82 percent of homes in the area increased in value from the second quarter in 2008 to the second quarter in 2009.  The report also states that Fort Collins "has excellent schools, low crime, and a vibrant downtown known as Old Town. It has miles of hiking and biking trails, 600 acres of parks, and 5,000 acres of natural areas." The survey in Business Week is based on data compiled by


  • The Larimer Home Ownership program is administered by the Housing Authority of the City of Loveland and offers down payment and closing cost assistance to low and moderate income families purchasing their first home.


  • The City of Fort Collins Home Buyers Assistance program is available for households financially ready to buy a home but do not have the funds in hand to cover down payment and closing costs.


Contact Team Cook for more information on statistics or programs available in the Northern Colorado area such as Berthoud, Loveland, Ft. Collins, Longmont, Boulder, Greeley and everything in between!




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