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"We could not be happier with the services provided by Team Cook. They handle everything down to the last detail, they minimize delays and hassle & always kept our best interest at heart. Bery professional, experienced and reliable." 


Words from a buyer....

by Team Cook

"Rose made everything go smooth from the get-go! The whole team was easy to work with and Connie made the closing quick and easy."

Laura Dubiel


Words from a Seller...

by Team Cook

"We could not be happier with the services provided by Team Cook. They handle everything down to the last detail, they minimize delays and hassle and always kept our best interest at heart. Very professional, experienced and reliable."

Tom & Kippy Sloan

Team Cook...

Andy and I want to thank you for guiding us through this whole process. You were always there to answer our questions or resolve any concerns. Kevin knew how to justify the true value of our home. The results of selling above our asking pirce all in a "down market"?!! Wow! We just really appreciate your skills and dedication to help us get our house sold.

Connie, Rose and Kim were always so helpful and professional.

Thank you all!


Tammy & Andy Comstock

I was looking for a realtor, and while listening to Dave Ramsey heard about PLP program.

I contacted several realtors on the list, but really liked Kevin. He was very professional, knowledgable.

He doesnt promise you the world, only what he can deliver. And then he delivers it.

He seemingly works 18 hours a day, as he is always available.

He and his team really run smoothly, like a good watch. And his attention to detail was great, he picked up a clause in contract which allowed us to get 2 quotes after the original contract was signed.

This gave me some leverage that gave us a nice settlement. His advice throughout the whole process, from pricing, negotiation, settlement was right on. Additionally, he and his well oiled team took care of the whole process while I was living in another city.

All my neighbors were astounded at how quickly the property sold, in a very difficult market.

Bill Dittenhofer

To Whom It May Concern:

Team Cook at Cottage Realty has been very helpful in my short sale experience.

They were very informative and supportive through the whole process, always explaining everything in a way I could understand.

I'm glad I went with Team Cook at Cottage Realty.

It was also helpful that I was able to borrow their moving truck at no cost to me.



"I was forced to do a short sale due to the recession..."

by Team Cook

Dear Team Cook entire staff:

I just want to thank all of you at TEAM COOK for your exemplary service to me for completion of the sale of my home. I was forced to do a "short sale" due to the recession and some personal family problems.

I was in danger of a foreclosure and after receiving a very nice brochure from your team, I realized that maybe I could do a short sale. I honestly did not think it would happen.

With your diligence and persistence with the banks and others, you made this short sale happen. After months of hard work, your good work and good knowledge of real estate problems were just amazing.

I am so pleased with the way in which you all worked with me. Your kindness, in this very hard time for me, was so comforting and gave me a new opinion of Real Estate people.

You are all the BEST!!



"Thank you for telling me a better way than foreclosure"

by Team Cook

Kevin Cook,

Thank you for telling me a better way than foreclosure. Your staff have been helpful with all the details and keeping me informed. When you worry like I do, it's always nice to be talking with someone friendly.

I'm not proud of this, but saw no other way.

A special thank you to Rose for always being so polite and kind. She does a great job and I wouldn't want it.

Thank you.

"The Short Sale was completed in record time.."

by Team Cook

Dear Prospective Client of Team Cook, Cottage Realty,

After a job loss in September of 2009 and the inability to find a new permanent position in a timely manner our mortgage fell into delinquency. After several months past we contacted Kevin Cook of Cottage Realty, whom we had originally purchased the home from.

Kevin advised us of the possibility of selling the home as a "Short Sale" in order to avoid foreclosure. We chose to utilize the services of Cottage Realty because another key member of Team Cook, Rose Lawrence is a certified Short Sale expert and with Connie Salazar and Kevin Cook's extensive knowledge and experience in Northern Colorado, we felt they would be the best qualified realtors to handle our situation.

Team Cook set into action with an aggressive advertising campaign which quickly found an enthusiastic buyer. The Short Sale was completed in record time, approximately three months, despite the process going through a new software program utilized by Bank of America. We were able to close days before the would-be foreclosure sale, and were able to salvage our credit to some degree. It is a great relief to have the process completed and to have avoided foreclosure. We owe many thanks to Team Cook for their assistance in achieving this positive outcome and would recommend them to anyone facing foreclosure and interested in pursuing a Short Sale, or anyone who needs a quality realtor for the Northern Colorado region.



"You gave us a real solution to our terrible situation"

by Team Cook

I would like to thank each and every one of you for your
assistance in the short sale of my property. It was a smooth, and relatively easy transaction.

I found your customer service manner comforting and reassuring in
this difficult time...So thank you very much.

We could not have done this without your team. You gave us a real solution to our terrible situation.

If I ever run into anyone in a similar situation, I will definitely refer Kevin and his team of professionals.

Again, thank you.


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"I have truly heard and seen first-hand that Cottage Realty is wonderful, exemplary, and a real asset to the economy of Northern Colorado. I will definitely keep Cottage Realty in mind as my first choice if and when I have real estate needs in the future. Again, thank you so much. I will also refer you to friends and family who need your services. Sincerely...Stacy"