University of Colorado Health to host three men's health events in early March

The second annual March Man-ness will put men's health at center court during three happy-hour, sports themed events next week. 

Before the nations best college basketball teams compete in March Madness, University of Colorado Health is hosting the separate events to help men become better players at maintaining healthy lifestyles. 

The Loveland event will be Monday, at the Rialto Theater Center followed by events in Fort Collins and Greeley the same week. 

"It's about having a game plan for your health," said Dave Rizzotto, event coordinator and marketing and public relations strategist for UCHealth. "How often do people say it's my goal not to have a heart attack or cancer?"

Health experts say that men often avoid health check-ups and screenings or fail to seek medical help until an illness is far advanced. 

Even if they look or feel healthy, men may have unrecognizable symptoms, feel awkward or afraid of getting the screenings, or believe that because their family history is healthy, they will be fine, Rizzotto said. 

UCHealth wants to promote that early detection and disease prevention is important as are diet and exercise, Rizzotto said. 

In the case of prostate cancer, the survival rate is nearly 100 percent when diagnosed at an early stage, but at a later stage, the rate drops to 28 percent, according to the American Cancer Society. 

"The focus of March MAN-ness is to let men know that our survival rates improve if we catch it early. Treatments are less intensive," said Dr. Ann Stroh, doctor of osteopathy at Medical Center of the Rockies. 

Physicians will provide information about men's health in four quarters in the areas of primary care, cardiology, oncology and urology. The information will be woven into sports - and bar themed activities. 

"It's not a lecture. This is the type of experience you wouldn't have at the doctor's office, : Rizzotto said. 

The three events will feature complimentary happy hour food and beer, men's health trivia games, strength competitions, prizes and celebrity appearances. 

At the Loveland event, hockey legend and Colorado Eagles founder Ralph Backstrom and Colorado Eagles players will be the special guests, and beer will be sponsored by Grimm Brothers Brew House. 

In Fort Collins on Tuesday, March 4, three Colorado State University coaches will be special guests at Moby Arena. 

The Greeley event will be at Crabtree Brewery on Thursday, March 6. 

These events are free and open to men and women age 21 and older, and will be most relevant for those 35 and older. 

Written by: Shelley Widhalm